Batman & Robbie!

14th Aug 2015

If you know your Batman, you will know that Gotham city is New York but the last film - The Dark Knight Rises - was mostly filmed 370 miles away in Pittsburgh. I had the pleasure of visiting the city last week for the first ever Midwest Championships and it is a really cool place. The Batman set helps, as does the dramatic tunnel entrance to the city and the friendliness of the people. 

My GAA hosts were first-class, including John Young from County Down, his wife Marie who teaches Irish out there and the most efficient GAA Secretary you will find anywhere - take a bow Robbie Tierney. 


I took the opportunity while in the States to visit some of the Vallely clan near Pittsburgh and the hospitality was typical of the clan. My mother is a Vallely from Belfast and her Dad was from Armagh. 

Also this week, my nephew Bernard Nixon from Beragh got married in Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately, his father Cyril was unable to travel so I was asked to record a video message with Cyril at a nursing home in Omagh. 

This proved to be a truly humbling experience as Cyril spoke incredibly lovingly and generously about his beloved son - There is no-one to equal him. He takes my breath away. When you see someone in such a frail state talking like this, you realise that the riches in life are nothing to do with your bank balance. 


Staying in Tyrone, what about poor old Tiernan McCann. He has incurred the wrath of the masses, equalled only this week by Nick Kyrgios by Jose Mourinho. I cannot defend what the fella did, though the punishment seems to be random and inconsistent. 

The anti-Tyrone sentiment seems to be gathering pace, which is disappointing. It also takes me back to an former female colleague in the BBC who once said that No-one likes Tyrone. This was during the years that Tyrone-Armagh dominated in the noughties when the Armagh lads were not exactly loveable Saints and she was from Down!


I am off this weekend to Birr to cover a double header involving Sligo, Waterford, Clare and Leitrim. As always, it is a pleasure to do so, especially with my son working the GoPro and an extra ground level camera. 

It is also a pleasure when you receive lovely messages like this, all the way from Melbourne from Clair Glam O Mahony :- Hi Jerome, can I just say I throughly enjoy the ladies football updates that appear on my news feed every morning! As I sit on the tram in Melbourne, Australia heading to work with my ear phones in watching the interviews and seeing play by plays of the Matches, it really does make me feel that much closer to home!


Thank you sincerely Clair. My updates this weekend will appear on Twitter & Facebook (both using simply Jerome Quinn) but I still do not have a phone after someone swiped my lovely iPhone 6 while I was trying on shoes last week. Not everyone is as nice as Clair, or Cyril, or Batman & Robbie!

'Fantastic Weekend in Pittsburgh' - NACB Chairman